Where Can I Find a Medical Marijuana-Friendly Doctor?

Finding a trustworthy doctor who is also marijuana-friendly can be a difficult task. Luckily, Leafwell has you covered. You can speak to one of our medical marijuana doctors online, without judgment, and qualify for medical marijuana from someone who actually understands the therapeutic potential of cannabis. Here’s more on how Leafwell can help you.

How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor Online

If you’re here reading this article, you’re off to a good start. We here at Leafwell can connect you to a physician qualified to recommend or certify you for medical marijuana via our very own online telehealth platform. Not all states allow for medical marijuana qualification online at the moment, but this is changing. Leafwell can help you get a medical cannabis card online in the following states:

Getting an MMJ card and speaking to a qualified medical marijuana doctor online is made simple with Leafwell. If you have any questions that need answering about getting a medical marijuana card in your state, click on the appropriate link above! We answer some frequently asked questions about medical marijuana, cannabis laws, documentation needed, and more.

Don’t Feel Comfortable Going to Your Primary Care Physicians for Medical Cannabis?

One of the main reasons why people tend to avoid going to their primary care physician to qualify for medical cannabis is because they feel that their doctor will deter – or even flat out refuse – them from applying for a medical marijuana card. Another common reason is that the patient-physician also treats other members of their family, and may want to keep their medical cannabis use as discreet as possible.

Leafwell knows that there are many open-minded physicians out there, but the fact is that many of them are not familiar with the concept of cannabis as medicine. Yes, a reasonable amount of skepticism is warranted; but, after seeing the positive impact medical cannabis has had on so many patient lives, the idea that cannabis does not have medical uses is old-hat thinking. We have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) within our own bodies, and learning how to modulate it with cannabis can help us treat a huge number of health problems.

Finding a Doctor Who is Open, Knowledgeable, and Experienced About Cannabis

Did you know that the endocannabinoid system isn’t taught at medical school? The reason? That the medical curriculum is full enough already, and that we cannot add anymore! Now, as we know, this is not the best reason to not include important scientific discoveries on a curriculum, but for now, doctors who are interested in medical cannabis must research and learn about it on their own time.

The reason why this is important? Here are a few answers:

  1. Doctors need to know what’s in the products their patients are using, and what the best dosage is.
  2. Doctors must be able to assess the risk of negative interactions with other medications.
  3. Doctors should be well versed in what condition/s a patient may use medical cannabis for, and where it may be helpful or harmful so objective assessments can be made.

This is why it is important to go to a doctor who actually understands something about the endocannabinoid system. Otherwise, the patient is more likely to be left in the dark, and could end up using medical cannabis improperly or inefficiently.


State Certificates for Physicians Recommending Cannabis

Not just any doctor can certify for medical cannabis. In some states like New York, physicians have to pass a course on medical cannabis. In fact, this is not an unusual requirement for many drugs and medications, as doctors need to learn how to administer them properly. All physicians working for Leafwell have undertaken all of the required training in their licensed state and are highly knowledgeable about medical cannabis and the endocannabinoid system.

How Your Doctor Can Help You Reach Your Goals with Medical Cannabis

Ask yourself, “What do I hope to achieve with the aid of cannabis?” Is it to be able to walk a mile without any pain? Is it to take fewer sedatives or painkillers? Is it to be able to eat a full meal?

One of the most important things to do when embarking on your medical cannabis journey is to make some achievable targets. Creating a treatment plan can help you reach your goals. Being able to speak to a physician who understands medical cannabis can help get you there. Leafwell is here for all its patients and has resources across our website to help you reach those goals and enjoy a better quality of life.

Check out our guide on dosing to learn more about medical cannabis and how to use it appropriately.

Feeling Comfortable Asking Your Physician Questions About Cannabis

If you can’t ask your primary care physician about qualifying for medical cannabis, how can you talk to them about other issues relating to its use? Does the difficulty in asking your primary care physician to reach into other areas of your healthcare? Having a fully licensed medical cannabis physician by your side can make it easier to get those difficult questions answered. Our physicians are relaxed, non-judgemental, and highly experienced. Whatever questions you have, they’ll be happy to answer them during your appointment.

Speaking to a physician, in-eperson or online

Applying the Medical Model to Marijuana

The cannabis world is in need of physicians who take an objective, scientific view of medical cannabis. The physician will need to know that not all cannabis is the same, and that it is a complex plant that contains up to 150 cannabinoids, 220 terpenes, and 20 flavonoids, all of which interact with each other, and all of which have different effects at different dosages (called biphasic effects).

At the moment, patients are generally left to their own devices, having to figure out what works for them. The doctors cannot give them any specific advice, because the data is not there to give specific advice. We have some research and human-based clinical trials, but not nearly enough. Leafwell aims to change this, so patients are able to find what they need without the need for unnecessary risks. Our doctors are a key part of this process and we are proud to be offering a telemedicine platform where patients can connect with medical marijuana-friendly physicians.

Written by
Diana Follette
Diana Follette

Diana believes that for every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant that is a cure. As a cannabis professional and long time advocate, she seeks to not only eradicate the stigma that has plagued the power of cannabis, but also open the flood gates to more holistic treatments and fuel a societal transgression towards earth consciousness and natural living. A California native, backed with a decade of SaaS industry management experience, Diana proactively works to enhance the patient journey at Leafwell. She finds satisfaction in being part of a team, ingrained in the cannabis movement, that is setting a global precedence in customer care and education.

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