8 Black-Owned Cannabis Dispensaries to Visit Around the U.S

8 logos of black-owned cannabis dispensaries in US

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  1. Viola Brands
  2. Sixty Four & Hope
  3. 99th Floor
  4. The Farmacy
  5. Supernova Women
  6. Simply Pure
  7. American Cannabinoid Clinics
  8. Hollingsworth Cannabis Company

In honor of Black History Month, we’re taking a closer look at seven of the best Black-owned cannabis dispensaries and other thriving businesses in the United States. From coast to coast, these independently owned businesses serve the cannabis community with legal access to high-quality products.

Discover Leafwell’s top picks for Black-owned cannabis businesses, non-profit organizations, and medical practices as we journey across state lines to celebrate these successful entrepreneurs.

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Viola Brands

One of the larger cannabis companies around, Viola Brands sells cannabis products available in numerous states, including California, Colorado, Michigan, and Oregon. Founded by retired NBA player Al Harrington, Viola Brands offers a variety of proprietary flower, vaping products, and weed edibles. Harrington’s inspiration for the company came from his grandmother, Viola, who suffered from glaucoma and later found relief through cannabis medicine.

Harrington continues to invest in his community through outreach programs, including Viola Cares, which is focused on social justice reform on the national level.

Sixty Four & Hope

In California, Aja Allen is changing her community with Sixty Four & Hope, a cannabis store rooted in culture. With two locations in Los Angeles, Sixty Four & Hope aims to build generational wealth for Black and Brown Americans.

Leafwell recently sat down with Aja Allen, who shared how her company “elevates rich, local voices through the collaboration of best-in-class products and immersive sensory events.” Allen continued, “We honor the plant culture that came before us with an enlightened, informed, & interactive store experience that emphasizes a product-first mentality.”

99th Floor

Not a cannabis dispensary but a private dinner club with a cannabis twist, 99th Floor operates out of New York. Dosed, curated meals prepared by professional cannabis chef Miguel Trinidad are on the gourmet menu. The innovative company’s Facebook page states they are “destigmatizing cannabis through the universal language of food.”

Foodies and cannabis enthusiasts will rejoice at 99th Floor’s tasty and creative fare, including marijuana-infused appetizers to desserts.

The Farmacy

The Farmacy founder Sue Taylor is an icon within the California cannabis community. First, Taylor founded iCANN in Berkeley in 2009 with her son and daughter-in-law. Then, her vision of opening a cannabis dispensary morphed into The Farmacy, which she founded to help seniors access medical marijuana.

Taylor’s senior-focused products include Mama Sue tinctures for sleep and pain management. At 74 years old, Sue Taylor is just getting started with making an impact in the cannabis space.

Supernova Women

Evoking the most powerful explosion known to humankind, Supernova Women is a “space for women of color in cannabis.” Founded in 2015 in Oakland, California, the non-profit organization has the mission “to foster community empowerment through holistic education, advocacy training, and skills acquisition.

Supernova Women fosters a safe space for hard conversations and will amplify the messages of our constituents at the local, state, and national level.” Supernova Women achieves this mission through cannabis business workshops, advocacy, and educational programs for individuals of color seeking expungements for marijuana-related offenses.

Simply Pure

Based in Denver, Colorado, Simply Pure was founded by husband and wife team Wanda James and Scott Durrah in 2014. Both James and Durrah are military veterans who are co-owners of the first Black-owned and female-owned cannabis dispensary in the country. James was a former political advisor to the Obama administration and has also been honored as one of the 35 Most Influential Women in Cannabis.

Simply Pure also holds the distinction of Best Flavor Champion of the 2018 Colorado Grow Off Competition. The company’s organic, hand-planted cannabis crops are treated exclusively with a food-grade nutrient system. In addition to their dispensary, James and Durran own a cannabis cultivation facility and a weed edible company.

American Cannabinoid Clinics

Family-owned and operated, American Cannabinoid Clinics is a cannabis medicine practice in Oregon. Dr. Jessica Knox, Dr. Janice Knox, and Dr. Rachel Knox comprise a team of women physicians specializing in cannabinoid medicine and offering legally accessible solutions to people seeking the healing benefits of medical marijuana.

One other physician and co-founder, Dr. David Knox, rounds out the practice and has counseled thousands of patients in using cannabis medicine to promote the restoration of health. Though the practice is located on the West Coast, people may take advantage of an online booking system and schedule an appointment anywhere in the United States.

Hollingsworth Cannabis Company

This multigenerational family-owned business is located in Washington State and has the distinction of currently being the only Black-owned cannabis farm in Washington. Sustainability is at the heart of the Hollingsworth Cannabis Company’s mission, which serves its customers with eco-friendly products, including marijuana-infused soaps, cannabis topicals, and hand sanitizer. Pioneering solar energy and clean harvesting practices, Hollingsworth Cannabis Company is leading the way in environmentally responsible commerce.

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