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Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for all applicants to the Leafwell Medical Cannabis Scholarship Program

  1. Applicant agrees and acknowledges that Leafwell staff has the right to consider an applicant ineligible for any reason.
  2. Applicant agrees not to pursue any litigation against Leafwell, its staff or employees for any perceived or actual wrongdoing related to the scholarship program.
  3. By participating in the Leafwell Medical Cannabis Scholarship Program, you agree to use your personal information by Leafwell, solely for the purpose of the scholarship program.
  4. All entries will be subject to a comprehensive verification prior to awarding any scholarship money. Leafwell Medical Cannabis Scholarship Program reserves the right to disqualify any applicants who violate these terms and conditions, including plagiarism and submitting false information.
  5. If the total cost of the program is less than the prize, the scholarship will cover the cost of the program only.
  6. All funds are paid directly to the education body, not the applicant.
  7. Applicants are responsible for any federal taxes or other fees related to accepting the  Leafwell Medical Cannabis Scholarship Program.
  8. Applicants must provide proof of enrollment. This may be a transcript from your college for the previous academic year or your letter of intent for the college you will be attending.
  9. We will send all successful students an offer email which includes the funding Leafwell is offering. Students have 20 days to accept or reject these funds. If no reply is received within 20 days, the offer of this scholarship will be rescinded and offered to another applicant.
  10. By submitting an application and any supporting information, applicant acknowledges and agrees that Leafwell reserves the right to publish any scholarship submissions (with appropriate credit) on any of our platforms, including but not limited to our websites, social media profiles and marketing materials.