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Pancreatic Cancer


Cannabis for Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the pancreas, which is an organ behind the stomach responsible for blood-glucose regulation, the production of insulin, and helps in digesting food. Pancreatic cancer is a fairly aggressive cancer with quite a low survival rate — 10% for all stages combined.

Due to this low survival rate, new treatments for pancreatic cancer are sorely needed. Interestingly, the most recent study on cannabis for pancreatic cancer didn’t involve cannabinoids, but the flavonoid FBL-03G, which is a version of cannflavin B. The flavonoid inhibits cancer cell proliferation and induced apoptosis. THC and CBD also have similar properties, inhibiting pancreatic cancer cell growth by targeting the PAK 1 protein and antagonizing the G protein-coupled receptor, GPR53.

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