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Cannabis for Fever

As cannabinoids are immunomodulators (i.e. they are able to dampen and change the immune system’s response rates), it has a complex relationship with fevers and controlling the body’s temperature. Fevers during an infection are a sign that the body is fighting off the infection, so using cannabis during this stage is usually not ideal, as it could help a virus proliferate. Inflammation is not always a negative, as it can help the immune system produce the antibodies necessary to fight off an infection.

However, what happens in some cases is that a person can carry on presenting fevers even after an infection is successfully fought off. This is because the body is still producing high levels of cytokines, effectively telling the body to carry on fighting a disease that is no longer there. This can cause widespread inflammation and damage to organs and bones. Cannabis can be very useful in treating cytokine storms, in a similar manner to how it can be used to treat autoimmune disorders.

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