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Ryan Bowden

New Haven, CT

Quick easy and fast. I had knee surgery back in January and they found arthritis forming. The next step would’ve been to put me on opioids. I want to thank them for providing an alternative for pain management.

Aaron Belcher

Reno, NV

Talk about EASY!! The whole process took 15 minutes, including the call with the Doctor!!! Amazing!

Jaime Fernandez

Jersey City, NJ

People it’s real n very helpful I honestly recommend everyone to get there medical card .so u wnt have to drive n wait in line . Be safe it’s always better

Mireya Hernández

Providence, RI

Very easy and convenient! It was fast easy and was able to make a purchase the same day! I’d highly recommend it!!

  1. No appointment needed! Register online now and we’ll connect you with a certified medical marijuana doctor in minutes.
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    Can I just use a recommendation letter?

    Yes, you can technically still use a dispensary with just a recommendation letter. However, we HIGHLY recommend registering for a medical marijuana card as well. It’ll save you a lot of headaches, legally or otherwise.

    Can I change my shipping address?

    You can contact us on our live chat, send an email to, or call as at +1 (415) 287-5070 as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to get your card to the right address before the shipment goes out.

    Do you renew medical marijuana recommendations?

    Of course! Feel free to book an appointment with us to renew your medical marijuana recommendation.

    Can you mail my recommendation letter to another state?

    No. You must provide a California address.