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How to Get an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Online

  1. 1

    Book an Appointment with Leafwell

    Speak to a Leafwell healthcare provider to get approved for an Ohio medical marijuana card.

    The consultation costs $149, and you’ll receive your money back if not approved.

  2. 2

    Discuss Medical Marijuana with Your Provider

    Most appointments take 15 minutes or less.

    If approved, the Leafwell healthcare provider will submit the patient’s name to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy Medical Marijuana Patient and Caregiver registry.

  3. 3

    Receive an Email from the State of Ohio

    Within three business days, you’ll receive an email from the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) to complete your application.

  4. 4

    Receive Your OH Medical Card

    You’ll receive your MMJ card via email from the State of Ohio after you complete the application and pay the $50 state fee.

    Military veterans and people with indigent status pay $25.

    You’ll then be able to download your digital card to purchase medical cannabis at licensed Ohio dispensaries legally.

Benefits of Having a Medical Card in Ohio

Holding an Ohio medical card is the only way to use and possess marijuana in the Buckeye state legally.

Patients and their caregivers are permitted by law to possess up to a 90-day supply of medical marijuana, to be determined by a doctor.

For example, a patient who purchases a 30-day supply during their first dispensary trip would be limited to a 60-day supply of medical marijuana until 90 days after the initial purchase.

Ohio’s medical marijuana law states that only the following forms of medical marijuana may be dispensed:

Smoking cannabis flower is illegal.

The form of ingestion must not be attractive to children, so no sweets and bright-colored products.

Qualified patients can purchase MMJ in two 45-day windows rather than waiting for 90 days.

Patients can also order over the phone and arrange curbside pickup.

Eligibility Requirements

Patients older than 18 living within Ohio’s state lines with a diagnosed qualifying condition can apply for a medical cannabis card.

You must obtain a doctor’s recommendation and submit the form as a part of your application.

Can Minors Get a Medical Card in Ohio?

Minors can get a medical card in Ohio.

If the Ohio resident is a minor or has a court-appointed legal guardian, they must designate an adult caregiver to acquire and handle medical cannabis on their behalf.

A physician may recommend medical marijuana as a treatment only with the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian.


Some patients may be eligible for an MMJ card but cannot apply themselves.

For example, should the patient be a minor under 18, or if the patient needs assistance accessing medical cannabis, a patient can assign a caregiver to complete the process on their behalf.

Individuals at least 21 can be caregivers for no more than two medical marijuana patients. Each patient can have up to two caregivers.

The caregiver application fee is $25 and must be submitted when the patient applies for their card.

Medical Conditions

In Ohio, the following conditions may qualify you for a medical marijuana card:

What You’ll Need to Apply

You’ll need to give the following to apply for an Ohio MMJ card:

  • Basic patient information.
  • Legal name.
  • Proof of address, such as bank statements, utility bills, or correspondence with a state department.
  • State-issued identification (driver’s license or state ID) or U.S. passport. The State of Ohio now accepts out-of-state ID cards if you have two documents proving Ohio residency.
  • Relevant medical records.


Online consultations with one of Leafwell’s Ohio healthcare providers are $149.

The State of Ohio also charges a $50 application fee to apply for a medical card. People with indigent status and military veterans pay $25.

Leafwell can also help you to renew your Ohio MMJ card for a $149 appointment fee.

We recommend you renew your medical card at least 30 days before it expires to continue obtaining marijuana products.

Medical Marijuana Reciprocity

Ohio does not recognize other states’ medical marijuana cards.

However, Ohio state law requires that the Ohio MMCP develop a medical marijuana reciprocity process with states to admit out-of-state medical cards.

That said, other states accept or recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards:

States marked with * require visitors to complete a visiting patient application for their stay.

States marked with ^ have adult use programs but do not accept out-of-state cards.

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Ohio medical marijuana patients may acquire medical marijuana products at any licensed dispensary.

The MMCP lists licensed Ohio dispensaries on its website.


Ohio residents cannot grow cannabis, even with a marijuana card. All products must be purchased from a licensed Ohio dispensary.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws to Know

Here are some important things to know about the medical marijuana laws in Ohio:

  • Medical marijuana patients may possess no more than a 90-day supply of cannabis.
  • For those without a medical marijuana card and recommendation, cannabis is decriminalized in Ohio to a certain extent. Possessing less than 100 grams (or five grams of solid hashish or one gram of liquid concentrate) is a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $150.
  • Possession of over 100 grams is a misdemeanor but may include 30 days of jail time and a $250 fine. Possessing any more than 200 grams of flower is considered a felony.
  • Gifting someone cannabis 20 grams or less is a misdemeanor with a $150 fine. A second offense may bring 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.
  • Selling any amount of cannabis is a felony. Previous convictions of drug offenses bring harsher punishments, as does selling or possessing to a minor or anywhere near school grounds.
  • Cultivation is seen as possession, although it may be used as evidence of intent to distribute, depending on how much yield and the number of plants the offender has.
  • The possession of smoking paraphernalia is a misdemeanor and can bring a $150 fine.
  • The sale of paraphernalia carries a maximum fine of up to $750. Any drug conviction, including possession/sale of paraphernalia, may result in a driving license suspension of six months up to five years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Ohio Medical Marijuana certificate and card cost?

An online consultation with a licensed healthcare provider for an Ohio medical marijuana card costs $149 with Leafwell. Patients must also pay a separate $50 registration fee to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

Here’s an overview of the fees:

  • $149 Initial certificate from Leafwell
  • $149 Renewal certificate from Leafwell
  • $50 State patient registration fee*
    ($25 reduced fee available with proof of indigent or veteran status)
  • $25 State caregiver registration fee*

The consultation fee includes a 1-year certification, and you’ll only be charged if approved. Plus, now you can sign up with a friend and each save 10% on your consultation with Leafwell.

*State fees are not included with Leafwell fees and are paid directly to the state.

What medical conditions qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio?
What do I need to know about applying for my Medical Cannabis Card in Ohio online?

There are four simple steps to seeing a Leafwell provider in Ohio:

  1. Register with Leafwell and speak to an Ohio-licensed physician online.
  2. Get approved and receive an email from the state within 3 business days.
  3. Complete the registration with the Patient & Caregiver Registry using the provided link.
  4. Download your medical card and legally purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary.
How old do I have to be to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio?

You must be at least 18 years of age in order to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio. Caregivers must be 21 years of age.

Can I be/have a caregiver for a medical marijuana patient in Ohio?

Yes, medical marijuana patients in Ohio can have a caregiver. Caregivers must be added to the registry and linked to the patient by the certifying physician.

Caregiver Requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years of age and an Ohio resident.
    • Parents of a minor patient who otherwise meet the requirements may be 18 or older.
  • Pay a $25 annual registration fee.
  • Pass an eligibility review/background check.
  • Caregivers must use a different email address than their patients.
  • Caregivers can also be a patient using the same email address as their personal patient account.
  • Caregivers who are also patients may not have a caregiver themselves.
  • Caregivers may serve up to two (2) patients.

​To apply as a caregiver, follow this process:

  1. Ensure that your patient has provided your information to their recommending physician so you can be added as their caregiver.
  2. Locate the caregiver activation email, which will be generated once your information has been submitted to the Ohio Patient & Caregiver Registry.
    1. The email will come from no-reply-pmpaware@globalnotifications.com with the subject line “ACTION NEEDED: Ohio MMCP Registry – Account Registration and Payment Submission.”
    2. Check your spam/junk if you cannot find the email in your inbox.
  3. Activate your registry account and create a new password.
  4. Pay the $25 caregiver registration fee.
  5. When the registration fee is paid, the background check will be performed, which can take up to 7-10 business days for the Board of Pharmacy to complete.
    1. You must be linked to a patient for the background check to process.
  6. You’ll receive an email when your caregiver status has been approved.
  7. Once your caregiver status is approved, download your registry card to purchase medical marijuana on behalf of your patient.

State Resources:

How do I apply for the state program in Ohio?

Before you start, have these supporting documents ready:

  • An email from the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (see step 1)
  • Credit or Debit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover)

Getting Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

  1. Once your Leafwell physician has entered your details into the registry, you’ll receive an email from no-reply-pmpaware@globalnotifications.com with the subject line “ACTION NEEDED: Ohio MMCP Registry – Account Registration and Payment Submission.”
    1. Click the link and follow the instructions to create your Registry password – note that you can only click the link once! If you attempt to click it more than once, you will be given an error message. If you need your email sent again, please send your name and date of birth to MMCPRegistry@pharmacy.ohio.gov so your email can be re-sent.
  2. Create your registry password and choose your timezone.
  3. Review the information provided by your Leafwell Physician.
    1. Contact us at support@leafwell.com if any information is incorrect.
  4. Click Activate Card and submit your registration fee.
  5. Download and print your card.
    1. Click the ‘Download’ button and save your card to your computer or cell phone.
    2. You can either print out this document in hard copy or have it visible on your cell phone to show the medical marijuana dispensary.
  6. Purchase your medical marijuana products.
    1. You will need to show your medical cannabis card (in digital or printed format) and a valid form of photo identification every time you purchase medical marijuana from an Ohio dispensary.