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Azure Haze

The Azure Haze marijuana strain is an indica-heavy strain (80% indica and 20% sativa) with solid but not supersonic levels of THC (19%). Azure Haze is similar to Blue Dream because it crosses two prize-winning strains (cultivars): Super Silver Haze (SSH) and Blueberry. Azure Haze has been reported as having relaxing, uplifting effects that can help manage stress, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.








Strain types

  • 80%Indica
  • 20%Sativa


  • Berry
  • Blue Cheese
  • Fruity
  • Sweet


  • Berry


Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in trace amounts in cannabis. They’re located in the trichomes of cannabis plants and contribute to their pigmentation and the unique aroma of the bud.

Levels of terpenes are variable, as they depend on many factors, like whether the plant is grown indoors or outdoors, how much it’s exposed to light, its nutrient levels, and when harvesting occurs.

  • Geraniol

  • Limonene

  • Valencene



Azure Hazes has been reported to have the following effects:

  • Creativity
  • Energizing
  • Euphoria
  • Relaxing

The following adverse effects have also been reported:

  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Paranoia

People who have tried Azure Haze report experiencing a number of positive and negative effects.

Medical Applications

Due to Azure Haze’s initial uplifting and euphoric effects, users have recommended it as an ideal strain for relieving states of depression and anxiety. The high amounts of THC in Azure Haze contribute to its mood-boosting effects.
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Cannabinoids like CBD can help modulate serotonin transmission, giving it anti-depressant and anxiolytic effects.

Organ Systems

  • Brain & Nervous System
Anxiety, Panic Disorders

Cannabis contains many anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) compounds that can beat stress and reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Organ Systems

  • Brain & Nervous System



growing strains

Known for vigorous, tall plants and elongated spear-shaped flowers, Azure Haze is among the easiest plants to grow. Resilient and robust, Azure Haze can withstand various growing conditions, making it a great beginner’s strain that can be cultivated indoors or outdoors.


Azure Haze can grow tall, reaching six feet outdoors and three indoors.

Humidity and Temperature

This strain thrives in a semi-humid environment.


Azure Haze has an average flowering time of eight to ten weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Azure Haze an indica or sativa?

Azure Haze weed is an indica-dominant hybrid, with 80% indica genetics and 20% sativa. Traditionally, indica is considered more relaxing and sativa more cerebral and stimulating, but research reveals that these categories mean less than we once thought. Now users are encouraged to look at terpenes and cannabinoids for a more complex view of a strain.

What is the strongest strain of haze?

Haze is a common lineage, and some of the most popular contemporary hybrids in shops today have hazy parentage. One of the most potent haze strains is Cannalope Haze, which can have THC levels of up to 30%.

What is the strongest strain of indica?

Many different strains compete to be known as the most potent, with Strawberry Banana, Purple Punch, Gorilla Glue, Super OG, and Mendo Breath all scoring well in terms of THC levels. Although Azure Haze has solid THC levels, it doesn’t rank among the heavyweights, which can have levels upward of 30%. Azure Haze is also a sativa-heavy strain, meaning it is less likely to have the sedating effects of the more potent indica strains.

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