Cannabis Laws in Oklahoma Cannabis Laws

Oklahoma has not always been the friendliest of states when it comes to cannabis, and actively pursued and persecuted cultivators, growers and users throughout the 90s. Although Oklahoma has legalized medical use, non-medical cannabis use is still heavily restricted, and there are no specific decriminalization laws in Oklahoma.

  • Medical Program Only

Medical Cannabis Laws in Oklahoma

2018 – Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative Question 788

Under SQ 788, an individual who obtains a Medical Marijuana License from the state of Oklahoma may consume marijuana legally and may legally possess up to:

Initially, smokable cannabis flower was not available, but this part of the legislation was repealed.

“State Question 788 legalized marijuana, also known as cannabis, for medical purposes in Oklahoma. The measure required a state-issued medical marijuana license to have a board-certified physician’s signature. The measure required no specific qualifying conditions to receive medical marijuana.

The measure allowed people with licenses to possess up to 3 ounces of marijuana on their person and 8 ounces of marijuana in their residence. A 7 percent tax was levied on marijuana sales, with revenue allocated to administrative costs, education, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The measure required licenses to operate dispensaries, commercial growing operations, and processing operations. The measure prohibited municipalities from restricting zoning laws to prevent marijuana dispensaries.”

Telehealth for Cannabis in Oklahoma

Telehealth is legal for medical cannabis consultations in Oklahoma. You can see a compassionate and friendly medical marijuana physician online with Leafwell today.

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Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis Patients in Oklahoma

Cannabis Laws and Children in Oklahoma

You must be aged 18 years-old or over in order to undergo a medical marijuana evaluation online and qualify for a medical marijuana card for yourself. Those aged under 18 can qualify as minors, and will need a caregiver.

According to Oklahoma law, a caregiver must be a family member or assistant who regularly looks after the medical marijuana patient for whom they are applying to be caregiver. The Physician Recommendation Form attached to the patient’s application must include certification of his or her need for a caregiver in order for a caregiver to submit an application.

There is not a current Oklahoma law authorizing a student to use, possess and/or self-administer medical marijuana on school property.

Cannabis Possession Limits in Oklahoma

  • For medical card holders = Three (3) ounces (84.9 grams) of marijuana on your person;
    One (1) ounce (28.3 grams) of concentrated marijuana; Seventy-two (72) ounces (2,037.6 grams) of edible marijuana; Eight (8) ounces (226.4 grams) of marijuana in your residence
  • For recreational users = Illegal

Cannabis Cultivation Laws in Oklahoma

Cannabis and Gun Laws in Oklahoma

It is not legal to own a firearm and a medical marijuana card at the same time in Oklahoma.

Cannabis and Employment Law in Oklahoma

Employers are still within their rights to test employees in Oklahoma for marijuana, regardless of cardholder status. Nothing in the state medical marijuana law limits an employer’s right to test for marijuana and/or its metabolites.

Local Cannabis Laws in Oklahoma

No specific laws, but non-licensed making of hashish (including through the use of a simple grinder) or making brownies is still restricted.