Cannabis Laws in New Jersey Cannabis Laws

Medical marijuana has been legal in New Jersey since 2010, and recreational cannabis since 2020. Find out more about the cannabis laws in New Jersey here.

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Medical Cannabis Laws in New Jersey

Governor Jon Corzine signed a number of bills into law on his last day in office, including S. 119, the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, permitting the use of medical cannabis.
“Medical use” means the acquisition, possession, cultivation, manufacture, use, delivery, transfer, or transportation of marijuana or paraphernalia relating to a qualifying patient’s consumption of marijuana to alleviate the symptoms or effects of the patient’s debilitating medical condition.”
Under New Jersey’s medical-marijuana law, up to a maximum of six alternate treatment centers receive contracts from the state. These centers, which must be nonprofit, have the exclusive right to produce and sell medical marijuana in New Jersey.

Telehealth for Cannabis in New Jersey

Telehealth is legal for medical cannabis consultations in New Jersey. You can see a compassionate and friendly medical marijuana physician online with Leafwell today.

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Recreational Cannabis Laws in New Jersey

Benefits of having a Medical Marijuana Card in a Recreational State Like NJ

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Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis Patients in New Jersey

Cannabis Laws and Children in New Jersey

You must be aged 18 or over in order to qualify for medical marijuana in New Jersey for yourself, but those aged under 18 can qualify as minors if they have a caregiver. There was significant controversy in New Jersey regarding medical marijuana for children in New Jersey (“Pot for Tots”), but provisions were made in 2013. It is now possible for those aged under 18 to qualify for medicinal cannabis in NJ.

A patient certified for medicinal marijuana may elect to have up to two caregivers if needed. A caregiver can be used if a patient’s condition is too severe to the point where they cannot physically go to their alternative treatment center (ATC) by themselves. Caregivers must be aged 18 or over. Further guidelines can be read here.

“The use of medical marijuana shall be permitted on school grounds, on a school bus, on a field trip and at a school-sponsored function to authorized students enrolled in Department of Children and Families (DCF) Regional Schools.

A parent, guardian or primary caregiver as defined in this policy, shall be the only individuals who may administer medical marijuana to his/her child.

A student who is 18 years of age or older may self-administer medical marijuana according to the conditions of this policy.

Medical marijuana shall be in a non-smokable and non-inhalation form for students.” See here for more information.

Cannabis Possession Limits in New Jersey

  • For medical card holders = Up to 3 oz. every 30 days.
  • For recreational users = 2 oz.

Cannabis Cultivation Laws in New Jersey

It is illegal to cultivate cannabis in New Jersey,even if you have a valid medical marijuana card.

Cannabis and Gun Laws in New Jersey

You cannot legally own a firearm or ammunition and a medical marijuana card at the same time in New Jersey.

Cannabis and Employment Law in New Jersey

New Jersey employers may not refuse to hire or take any adverse action against employees based solely on their use (or nonuse) of recreational or medical cannabis. An employer may not terminate an employee solely because he or she fails a drug test due to cannabis use. However, this does not permit cannabis use when at work, and use must not affect safety or performance.

Local Cannabis Laws in New Jersey

Freehold Township, Oceanport, Oakland Cinnaminson Township, Hazlet, Middletown Township, Brick, and Toms River have banned or restricted marijuana sales. Freehold bans both medical and recreational sales, whilst Oakland has banned recreational use.