American Samoa Cannabis Laws

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Legal status

  • Illegal

Possession limits

  • Possession is not allowed


  • Cultivation is illegal

Table of contents

  1. Is cannabis legal in American Samoa?
  2. What are the cannabis laws in American Samoa?

No, cannabis is not legal for medical nor adult use in American Samoa

What are the cannabis laws in American Samoa?

Cannabis, medical or otherwise, is illegal throughout American Samoa.

Possession of any amount carries with it a mandatory $5000 fine, and potentially up to 5 years in prison. Cannabis use is not uncommon on the island, however, and it is the most widely-used illicit drug on the market. Cannabis grows naturally on the island, and there is little import from other countries.

There are plans to legalize medical marijuana in American Samoa, but the COVID pandemic has held up this process. Despite the fact that marijuana grows in the wild in American Samoa (and could potentially provide a source of revenue for the island as well), the territory takes a rather firm stance on cannabis products. This includes CBD (cannabidiol) products, which is considered to be “marijuana” in American Samoa, and is equally restricted.