Using a Medical Marijuana Dispensary During COVID-19

Ruth Lemon
Ruth Lemon - VP of Operations

Oct 30 2020 - 2 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected how every industry operates, and that includes cannabis and medical marijuana businesses. Many dispensaries are now operating on a takeaway or curbside pickup. In some states, medical marijuana can even be delivered to your home. Essentially, anything that involves sitting in a social space with people who aren’t from within your household cannot happen where lockdowns or shelter-in-place orders are in place. So businesses are adapting to serve their customers in a convenient and safe way.

How Does Curbside Pickup Work?

This is the usual process in most states where delivery is legal:

  • A customer completes an order online.
  • The customer selects a curbside delivery time slot.
  • The customer pays online by credit card or other payment method.
  • Merchant receives the customer’s order.
  • At the designated time, the customer drives up and parks, or the delivery arrives near the customer’s home (curbside pickup). OR
    The order is already packed up and is ready to be collected from a ‘safe’ location (e.g. a table outside the store)

There are many cannabis delivery services available online.

In Which States Can Medical Marijuana Be Delivered?

You can get medical marijuana delivered to your house in the following states:

Are Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Open During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

As medical marijuana dispensaries serve sick and injured people who need cannabis-based medications, many states with an MMJ program have deemed them “essential services”. Those serving recreational users do not necessarily have the same “essential” designation.

As for whether or not dispensaries are allowed to open and serve people, they can, but they usually have to operate on restricted hours, have social distancing procedures in place, and must keep the dispensary as clean as possible.

The best way to ensure that you have access to cannabis legally during the COVID-19 pandemic is to get yourself certified for medical marijuana. Moreover, this will save you money on taxes and get you access to a greater range of products.

Get in touch with Leafwell today to speak to one of our physicians online and, if you suffer from a qualifying condition, you could qualify for a medical marijuana card. Once you have your card, you can speak with your local dispensary to find out their socially distanced customer options.

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Written by
Ruth Lemon
Ruth Lemon

Ruth Lemon has worked in Cambodia and Australia, gaining experience in the non-profit sector, education and international development, and digital marketing. Ruth is helping Leafwell to scale without compromising the customer experience and seeks to create a frictionless customer journey. She now lives in the UK with her rescued Cambodian cat and believes Leafwell is improving access to and understanding of a valuable medical alternative.

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