Quickest States to Get Certified for a Cannabis Card

Julia Granowicz
Julia Granowicz - Content Writer

Mar 19 2021 - 3 min read

The process of getting certified for medical cannabis is different in every state. Some are easy, some are more difficult. Some processes are quick, some take weeks. Today we’re asking, which are the quickest states to get certified for a cannabis card?

Currently, there are 33 states and the District of Columbia where medical marijuana is legal in the United States.Some states have taken the concept and created extremely restrictive programs that allow strict medicinal access and require mountains of paperwork. Others are as simple as meeting with a doctor online who can provide a medical marijuana recommendation and you can use a PDF of that rec to purchase your medicine.

These are five states where you can get certified and purchase medical marijuana on the same day.

What Are the Quickest States to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Some states make it much easier than others to get your cannabis card. In the 90s when California legalized medical marijuana the restrictions were loose, but they have been refined and clarified over the years as other states move to legalize as well. Some states have created a streamlined process that allows for quick access to medical marijuana for those who need it most. These states have one day processes for qualifying for a medical marijuana card. That means you can start right after reading this article and be certified by the end of the dya

California – Same Day

In California you can get your certification immediately after you are approved by a Leafwell physician. You can also get your ID card mailed the same day for an additional $10. Until your card comes in the mail some dispensaries will accept the .PDF copy of your certificate, which is emailed immediately after your appointment. We recommend calling your dispensary ahead to ensure they can accept your .PDF certificate while you wait for your physical copy to arrive.

Louisiana – Same Day

Louisiana makes things simpler than ever. After being approved by a Leafwell physician, we will fax a certificate to the pharmacy of your choice. When you arrive simply show your ID when you go to make your legal medical marijuana purchase.

Massachusetts – Same Day

Once you’ve been seen and approved by a Leafwell physician, you will soon receive an email with your certification. You will submit your .PDF certificate and unique PIN number to the state website. From there you can print out a temporary access certification that can be used at any shop in Massachusetts while you wait for your physical card, which can take 1-2 weeks to arrive in the mail.

Michigan – Same Day

Unlike most states you do not need a medical marijuana card in the state of Michigan. Immediately after being approved by your Leafwell doctor, we will email you a digital copy of your doctor’s recommendation letter, which is all you need to show in your dispensary to make your legal purchase.

And there’s one more state we want to mention. Because in the grand scheme of things, 24 hours isn’t long to wait!

Illinois – 24 Hours

After a Leafwell physician approves you, an email is immediately sent with your certification. Using this, you will apply to the Illinois state medical marijuana program. Approval is usually received via email within 24-hours of submitting the application and will include a temporary card that can be used in dispensaries until your physical card comes in the mail.

Leafwell Can Help You Get Certified for Medical Cannabis in These States and More

These are six of the states where it is not only the easiest, but the quickest turnaround, to get your medical marijuana card. Of course, some of these states also allow legal access to recreational cannabis, so you may question the need for a medical card. However, if you are under 21, then you will need a medical card to legally medicate in your state. The same goes for patients under the age of 18, though some of these states do require additional documentation in children under 18-years-old. Medical cards allow access to better quality product, offer lower taxes on those products and also increase possession limits.

Leafwell can help you connect with a doctor and get your medical marijuana recommendation and card in these six states and many others. If you’re debating on if a medical marijuana card would be beneficial to you, get in touch with Leafwell today to learn more about getting a card in your state.

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Julia Granowicz
Julia Granowicz

Julia Granowicz-Johnson is a freelance writer from Florida with a passion for the cannabis industry. Since 2015 she's covered legalization news and educated medical marijuana patients, caregivers and their families through her work.

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