Is It Wrong to Keep Medical Cannabis Use Secret From a Spouse?

If you are investigating the health benefits of legal medical marijuana or are currently using medical cannabis products to treat a recurring ailment, you may be reluctant to share your medical marijuana explorations with your spouse. Maybe you have good reason to keep your medical cannabis experience secret from your partner.

Every marriage is different. No one from the outside can know all that goes on between two people in a legally binding relationship. Even the two married people at times are unaware of developments within their union, such as when one partner uses medical cannabis products without the knowledge of the other.

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Don’t rush to the conclusion that being transparent with a spouse about medical marijuana use is always best for every marriage. The fact that you haven’t confided in your spouse from the start about investigating medical marijuana or that you are using medical cannabis secretly means something. You have doubts about the medical cannabis conversation being a worthwhile talk for either of you.

Should you be open about your medical cannabis use with your spouse? Should you conceal your medical marijuana use? You need to sort out this question.

The answer may come if you consider a list of pros and cons to telling your partner that you consume medical cannabis products.

If You Tell Your Partner That You Are Using Medical Cannabis in the Marriage:

Pro: You can relax when enjoying the health benefits of medical marijuana. The need to hide your medical cannabis products is eliminated. You no longer need to time your medical marijuana doses and shopping for medical cannabis products around your partner’s schedule. You can share your gratitude for the relief medical cannabis grants you.

Con: Your partner, through the best of intentions, may be tempted to monitor the frequency and volume of your medical marijuana intake, setting limits on THC concentrations and consumption methods, perhaps even confining your cannabis medicated products to CBD based formulas. As a result of spousal micro management, you may slip back into secret cannabis consumption.

Pro: Your detailed explanation of how medical cannabis’s benign effect on the endocannabinoid system eases your symptoms may erase a prejudice that marijuana is a dangerous drug and gain an advocate for doctor directed medical cannabis treatments.

Con: Now that you are a known medical marijuana user, the well-intentioned spouse, paranoid about the prospect of being married to a stoner, interprets any sluggishness in your behavior or elevation in your moods to validate the stigma that cannabis is a harmful, addictive substance.

Pro: Your partner appreciates any money saved now that medical cannabis use has lowered your spending on prescribed pharmaceuticals. Your partner is also pleased that your reduced intake of chemically complex pharmaceuticals reduces the immediate and long term side effects from those pharmaceuticals.

Con: Partner feels any extra money spent on medical cannabis products is a frivolous expenditure, prefers you would limit medication budget to toxic drugs covered by insurance policy.

Pro: Seeing how well medical cannabis products are helping you handle a recurrent health condition, admiring the high sense of patient satisfaction and minimal if any side effects, your spouse realizes that cannabis may be right for their own nagging health issue. Joins you in obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation card. Is happier than ever.

Con: Spouse is convinced that their own ongoing symptoms are beyond medical marijuana treatment, which is presented as proof that your use of medical cannabis products has no effect beyond escapist drug behavior. Spouse repudiates value of medical cannabis.

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If You Conceal From Your Partner That You Are Using Cannabis in the Marriage

Pro: Secrecy is fun. Every married person needs a private space separate and individual from the spouse. Purchasing and consuming medical cannabis products on the down low can carve out this arguably healthy independent sector within the marriage. Also, sneaky medical cannabis users will feel like clandestine teenagers pulling one over on teachers and parents, a very rejuvenating satisfaction.

Con: Lack of transparency, especially about something as fundamental to emotional balance and well being as using medical marijuana, is a step on a slippery slope. Keeping the benefits of your medical marijuana use secret will deprive your spouse of sharing in your good fortune.

Pro: Unaware of your medical cannabis consumption, your spouse may believe that your upgraded quality of life stems from your evolving consciousness as a human being. Your cannabis enhanced perspective will be considered as proof you are becoming a better person.

Con: Not realizing that doctor directed therapeutic cannabis products have boosted your life satisfaction index, your partner suspects your cheered worldview is the result of extramarital stimulation.

Pro: Not bringing up your medical marijuana investigations reduces the number of potentially loaded, complex conversations with your spouse by at least one.

Con: Any important thing a couple leaves unsaid, particularly something that will affect both partners, such as a secretly smoking spouse, will nag at both of you. Only one partner will know that the unspoken topic is only marriage and cannabis. The unknowing partner will be confused and anxious. Some people imagine the worst in those circumstances.

Pro: Even if you don’t volunteer the information, your cannabis use will come out eventually. A natural, organic celebration of your lived experience will convince your partner of the wisdom of your choice to adopt a responsible medical marijuana program. You will have avoided all that fussing and fighting about considering medical marijuana to ease the symptoms of your particular ailment.

Con: Even if you don’t volunteer the information, your cannabis use will come out eventually. A push and pull and give and take talk about the role of medical marijuana will take place. This conversation will require you to bring all your experiential evidence of medical marijuana’s benefits to the table, just as if you’d included your spouse in your deliberations from the start—with the difference that you are now living proof of the miracle of medical cannabis.

Written by
Allan MacDonell
Allan MacDonell

Allan MacDonell’s work has been featured in publications ranging from Dazed and Confused UK to the New York Times and Washington Post. He is the author of Prisoner of X, Punk Elegies and Now That I Am Gone, and was a founding editorial director at online outlets including Buzznet, TakePart and Kindland. MacDonell views teaming with Leafwell as an opportunity to encourage the emerging role of legal cannabis as a highly effective medical treatment.

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