Keeping Your Medical Cannabis Safe From Your Kids

Parents who are also medical cannabis patients share a dilemma. Children in their natural state are inquisitive, nosy, prying, spying little busybodies, always on high alert to uncover any unknown point of interest about Mom or Dad. Cannabis use among their parents is a very intriguing point of interest to children. But if they find your products, it could be dangerous.

Knowing nothing of medical cannabis treatments, toddlers and kindergarteners will be fascinated that Mom and Dad are ingesting what appear to be magically healing substances. At the preschool stage, children who happen upon a package of Mom and Dad’s medical cannabis products while looking under Mom’s pillow for tooth fairy treats may impulsively pop a THC-concentrated edible in the mouth.

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Laws to Keep Children Safe From Medical Cannabis

Government bodies regulating legal medical cannabis products have recognized the need for medical marijuana to be dispensed in child resistant containers. California law dictates that a medical cannabis consumer’s child resistant containers must be dispensed within a child resistant bag.

One failing of child resistant cannabis containers is that kids soon master the trick of opening them. The older your offspring are, the better they will be at freeing medical cannabis products from child resistant dispensary bags and pot pill bottles.

Curious teenaged children will be fully aware of the benefits of regulated medical cannabis and will be intrigued by parental marijuana use, whether doctor guided or recreational. An adventurous teenager who idly sifts through the contents of Dad’s workbench and uncovers an unlocked cannabis wallet may impulsively filch a branded sativa blend pre-roll and securely lock it away, saved to light up later.

Keeping medical cannabis products and children secure from one another is a rising concern among responsible parents using doctor directed therapeutic marijuana.

Parental Need for Cannabis Concealment Has Been Commercialized

In early February 2021, Fast Company ran an online article, modestly identified as an advertisement and boldly titled “How to Hide Weed From Your Kids.” The sponsored content was a profile of Milwaukee furniture designer Sharon Kevil and her Forti Goods furniture company’s line of cannabis stash boxes built into bedside tablescoffee tablescredenzas, and cabinets.

Kevil’s cannabis stash furniture is standard equipped with storage compartments that lock and unlock by a smartphone app. An interchangeable carbon filter reduces odor.

Kevil admits that people may want to lock away items other than weed in a bedside table. Those unnamed items aside, the furniture is being marketed to medical cannabis parents as a means to keep children and cannabis separated.

Price points on Forti Goods’ cannabis stash furniture range from $1,850 to $4,200.

Medical cannabis consuming parents who can’t afford that outlay still need to be diligent about securing their medical marijuana supply.

Keeping Your Meds Out of Reach of Children Is No Joke

Of all the reasons for medical cannabis consuming parents keeping your stash safe, none is more vital than for the safety of your children.

Preschoolers and junior high students deserve to be spared the trauma of emergency room visits or family services interventions based on Mom or Dad’s unsecured medical cannabis products attaching to a child’s endocannabinoid system.

Your first responsibility as a parent using medical marijuana products is to keep your family safe.

Secondly, cannabis doesn’t grow on trees. Locking away your medical cannabis is not a paranoid notion. Your adult children should be buying their own medical marijuana products.

Talking to kids about medical marijuana

Budget Solutions for Locking and Hiding Cannabis From Kids

Any effective strategy for parents keeping cannabis products secure from their children is a two-step process.

  • First Step: Lock the cannabis products in an unbreakable container.
  • Second Step: Make the cannabis lockbox inaccessible.

Any simple, cheap storage container with a lock will deter most nosy youngsters from reaching the cannabis products within.

The Amazon Basics Book Safe, at about $15, has the advantage of impersonating a large, blue New English Dictionary. Most kids would loathe pulling a dictionary off the shelf even if they did suspect cannabis products were locked inside.

Big Mouth Inc sells a collection of lockable metal safes disguised as cans of Spam, Campbell’s Chicken Soup, Hormel Corned Beef and Spagettios. Though cheap at $12.99 per unit, the Big Mouth can safes are at a disadvantage as cannabis concealment devices. The iconic quick lunch graphics will be recognized immediately as out of place anywhere but on a kitchen shelf. The kitchen, experts in hiding marijuana contend, is the least ideal location in the house for secreting cannabis products.

A problem with the Amazon Basics $65 black steel safe with LED locking interface is the strongbox is exactly what it looks like: a container for valuables. At only 16.5 pounds, the safe is too portable for safety and too unwieldy for carryall convenience.

Vaultz is a company specializing in locking storage cases that are portable and meant to travel with convenient handles attached. Vaultz produces an array of lockable medicine cases, zipper bags and pillboxes. Prices range from $14.99 for a “stylish and comfortable” black steel and chrome medicine case to $54.99 for a genuine leather travel kit with combo lock that’s, “Great for locker rooms, dorms, barracks, home, hotels, camps and more!” That “more” is meant to infer keeping your cannabis out of your kids’ clutches.

For some parents, only a classic cannabis stash bag will do, and the RYOT Piper is as classic as cannabis stash bags come at $46 per clutch. Part of the RYOT SmellSafe Carbon Series, the Piper appears in three subtle color options, black, gray or olive. Made from weatherproof canvas fabric and equipped with lockable zipper pulls, the Piper keeps cannabis odors contained and is designed for “discreet storage and transport.”

Hiding Your Medical Marijuana Effectively

To ensure your child can’t easily get to your medical marijuana, try to think of a counterintuitive place to conceal the cannabis in its locked container. Do your best to come up with a hidey hole or stash spot beyond the imagination (and reach) of an inquisitive, intelligent child in search of secret parental items.

Edibles are often the biggest risk to small children as they may look like candy and are often believed to be sweet treats, consumed with unpleasant consequences. The first thing you should do after getting back from the dispensary is remove edibles from any colorful packaging and put them into something not only discrete but unappealing to deter curious little hands.

When it comes to hiding places, think about spots high up, the tallest cupboard you have, the top of a cabinet that even you need a stepstool to reach. Or think outside the house. Is there a garage or storage shed where your medical cannabis can become invisible among toolboxes or gardening gloves? Now sit back and realize those are the exact places your child will imagine your medical cannabis products will be hidden.

Hide your marijuana, lock it up first, and above all have the appropriate conversations with your children about necessary and responsible medical marijuana use.

What’s the best way to go about telling your kids about your medical marijuana use? Ask and the answers are yours, right here at Leafwell.

Written by
Allan MacDonell
Allan MacDonell

Allan MacDonell’s work has been featured in publications ranging from Dazed and Confused UK to the New York Times and Washington Post. He is the author of Prisoner of X, Punk Elegies and Now That I Am Gone, and was a founding editorial director at online outlets including Buzznet, TakePart and Kindland. MacDonell views teaming with Leafwell as an opportunity to encourage the emerging role of legal cannabis as a highly effective medical treatment.

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