How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card From Home [Video]

Meet Dr. Lewis Jassey, Medical Director for Leafwell. Here, he is speaking with Emily (aka Strawberry Sequoia) of The Mary Jane Experience, a podcast that, to quote from their website, takes a “close look at the Cannabis industry from multiple angles.” This includes interviews with experts, product reviews and, of course, the the science behind cannabis.

Dr. Lewis Jassey is a pediatrician with 25 years of experience in his field, and has been on the staff with 5 different pediatric departments in New York. Dr. Jassey has expertise in several different fields of medicine, including successfully treating patients with ADD/ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Dr. Jassey is also a Doctor of Osteopathy. He has also run a practice serving over 15,000 patients.

On top of all of this, Dr. Jassey has also lectured nationally on pharmacogenetic testing, interpretation, & implementation for companies like Abbott Pharmaceuticals and Emgenex. We highly recommend listening to this podcast, where Dr. Jassey discusses:

  • COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic
  • The impact of the pandemic on the medical cannabis industry
  • Qualifying for a medical cannabis card online via telemedicine
  • Some advice for immunocompromised patients
  • Some of the laws surrounding telemedicine in different states
  • Cannabis pharmacogenetics and interactions between cannabis and other drugs & medications
  • Testing which cannabinoid profile is ideal for a specific patient
  • Cannabinoids as a pediatric medication, in particular for children with cancer and autism
  • Contributing to patient studies with Leafwell

Get your medical cannabis certificate and MMJ card online with Leafwell. And yes, we can provide certification for children too, if they have a qualifying condition and a caregiver. Just click on the button below to get started! Oh, and feel free to send us any questions or comments! You can visit our Ultimate Guide to Getting a Medical Marijuana Card for more general information.


Written by
Dr. Lewis Jassey

Dr. Lewis Jassey has been a pediatrician over the last 25 years, run a practice of 15,000 patients, and been on staff at five major hospitals for over two decades. Dr. Jassey has carved a niche for himself successfully working with patients on the spectrum, as well as patients with a variety of mental health issues. He lectures on a national level, with expertise in pharmacogenetics and pharmacology.

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