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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Guam in 2023

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While the adult use of cannabis is legal in Guam, there are many reasons why someone would want to apply for and use a medical marijuana card. However, the medical marijuana program in Guam is still in the early days of its existence, and dispensaries have yet to open in the territory officially.

Leafwell does not currently operate in Guam, but the Cannabis Control Board’s program does allow patients to acquire an MMJ card online. Read our handy guide to understand the current process for getting a medical cannabis card, what to know about the current regulations, and what potential benefits await participants in Guam’s medical cannabis program.

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Benefits of Having a Medical Card in Guam

Both medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis are legal in Guam, though medicinal users have some advantages over recreational cannabis users. MMJ patients may possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, while adults 21 or older may legally possess and transport up to one ounce of flower or 800 milligrams of THC in concentrate or infused form.

Medical users also are exempt from tax on cannabis products, while recreational users must pay up to 15% in taxes. Both medical and adult-use consumers may possess cannabis from plants grown on their property and grow up to 12 plants, with up to six at full maturity. However, home cultivation will only be permitted until licensed dispensaries become operational.

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals must be 18 years old to apply for a medical marijuana card in Guam. To receive certification, patients must speak to a physician in person or via telemedicine. Then, they must fill out an application form providing identity and proof of residency and submit the application form.

Can Minors Get a Medical Card in Guam?

Minors with a qualifying condition may obtain a recommendation but must appoint a parent or guardian as a designated caregiver to acquire and facilitate the use of cannabis on their behalf.

Qualifying Conditions

The Guam law lists the following medical conditions as qualifiers for a medical cannabis card:

How to Apply

Documents You’ll Need

You’ll need to acquire a medical marijuana recommendation, identifying documents such as a driver’s license or Guam-issued ID, and a completed application form.

Depending on your physician, you may be asked to provide medical records to better provide the doctor with a comprehensive picture of your medical history.

Steps to Apply

  1. Schedule an appointment with a licensed physician that’s qualified to recommend medical marijuana use. Download a copy of the Medical Cannabis Written Certification form before your appointment and bring it with you.
  2. The physician will review your medical history, examine you, and explain the benefits and risks of medical cannabis.
  3. If the doctor believes you would benefit from cannabis for medical purposes, they will complete and sign the Written Certification Form. They will submit a copy to the Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) within 24 hours after certification.
  4. Complete the DPHSS’ Application for Medical Cannabis qualified Patient form and schedule an appointment to submit your completed application.
  5. At your appointment, submit your application, current government-issued photo ID, and the application fee.
  6. Once approved, the DPHSS will contact you to arrange the pickup of your medical cannabis registry card.

What to Expect During Your Leafwell Appointment

At this time, Leafwell does not operate in Guam. Join our waitlist to be notified as soon as we’re open.


The application fee for a Guam medical marijuana card is $15 for an initial card and $10 for an annual renewal. Caregivers pay $100 for the initial caregiver registry card and $75 for each renewal. This does not include the physician’s fee, which can cost between $100-250. Most insurance does not cover medical marijuana-related physician services.

Medical Marijuana Reciprocity

Guam’s medical marijuana laws only apply to the United States territory’s residents, and Guam does not recognize other states’ medical marijuana cards or allow for reciprocity. That said, adult-use cannabis is legalized for individuals 21 and older, so a patient from another state doesn’t necessarily need to acquire patient status in Guam.

Some states may also recognize a medical marijuana card issued by the territory of Guam. The following states accept or recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards:

  • Alaska ^
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas *
  • California ^
  • Colorado ^
  • Connecticut ^
  • Hawaii *
  • Illinois ^
  • Maine
  • Maryland ^ (as of July 2023)
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan (qualifying state must also have reciprocity with Michigan)
  • Missouri ^
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey *
  • New Mexico * (recreational cannabis is legal in NM)
  • New York ^
  • Oklahoma *
  • Oregon ^
  • Pennsylvania (minors only)
  • Puerto Rico
  • Rhode Island
  • U.S. Virgin Islands *
  • Utah (max. 45 days, after which the patient must apply for a Utah MMJ card)
  • Vermont ^
  • Virginia ^
  • Washington ^
  • Washington D.C.

States marked with * require visitors to complete a visiting patient application for the duration of their stay.

States marked with ^ have adult use programs but do not accept out-of-state cards.

However, this does not always mean you can purchase cannabis at a medical marijuana dispensary (non-medical adult use is acceptable) — just that the state’s medical marijuana laws protect you to some extent. It is wise to call the dispensary ahead if you are a medical cannabis patient from another state and intend to purchase medical marijuana.

Applying as a Caregiver

Patients are not required to have a medical marijuana registry card, but caregivers are. Caregivers must fill out the appropriate caregiver registration application form on the DPHSS website and submit the application fee.

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana

Guam has yet to approve any licensed dispensaries in the territory, but they are in the process of licensing and allowing operators to open.


Both medical marijuana patients and adult users can grow up to six mature marijuana plants and 12 immature marijuana plants on their property. The right to grow may only exist until dispensaries are operational. Individuals must submit a cultivation application form to obtain a permit.

Guam Medical Marijuana Laws to Know

Guam legalized recreational marijuana in 2019 and adopted regulations for the industry in May 2022, allowing adults to grow, possess, and consume cannabis flower and products legally. It remains against public law for businesses to sell cannabis until the commercial market officially launches.

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