How Do I Persuade an Elderly Relative to Try CBD Treatment?

The mild, safe and sure relief provided by medical CBD products makes CBD treatment the ideal way to use cannabis for seniors in pain.

Scientific journals and marketing decks throughout the USA are chock full of studies and sales pitches touting the benefits of CBD for seniors. Why? Because CBD works.

Medical CBD products have shown documented therapeutic impact on conditions and ailments ranging from glaucoma to arthritis and muscle pain, bone fragility, sleep disruptions and loss of appetite. In addition, medical CBD products are free of the pharmaceutical toxicity of some daily prescription medications that can contribute to organ damage, tissue damage, physical dependence and even death.

CBD is ideal medication for seniors and the elderly

Seniors and cannabis are one of those perfect matches of needs and solutions within the medical-marijuana industry. Providing medical cannabis for the elderly in pain can be like giving them a whole new lease of life.

Often, sadly, the only thing standing in the way of using cannabis for seniors in pain is the senior who is in pain. This resistance to the benefits of CBD for seniors is worst when that resistant senior is your parent or other beloved elder.

Convincing a skeptic about medical marijuana can be irritating under the best of conditions. That irritation reaches peak frustration when that skeptic is your elderly parent or grandparent.

When an ailing parent or grandparent refuses to explore the therapeutic power of CBD for seniors, concerned children and grandchildren can feel like they’re run into a brick wall.

But if your medical-marijuana skeptic relative is in need of therapeutic cannabis for seniors in pain, their improved quality of life will be well worth your effort.

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Explain That CBD is Not Marijuana as They Know It

Many older Americans have lived through the country’s War on Drugs. In the 1960s and before, the government churned out vast campaigns of anti-cannabis propaganda. The official U.S. policy equated marijuana with hardcore street narcotics such as heroin, cocaine and illicit barbiturates.

When considering medical marijuana products, many older Americans have trouble removing the demonizing filter of the War on Drugs. Baffled by misconceptions of indoctrinations past, these older Americans may believe that ingesting a medical marijuana product will trigger a hallucinogenic reaction akin to what they were told in 1967 to fear from an LSD overdose.

The first line of persuasion against a medical cannabis skeptic is to introduce the reality that a medical CBD product is not, technically speaking, medical marijuana at all. Assure the elderly medical cannabis skeptic that no connection exists between medical CBD products and marijuana as the ailing elder conceives of marijuana.

If the notion that CBD has no psychoactive properties and is incapable of producing any mental disruption confuses the elderly medical cannabis skeptic, give that skeptic more facts.

Load down the medical marijuana skeptic with the information that medical CBD products are concocted in three variations. As with any medication, understanding the different types is key to the patient agreeing to take the product. Explain to them the distinctions between Full Spectrum CBD (contains traces of all naturally occurring cannabinoids including THC), Broad Spectrum CBD (no THC) and CBD Isolate (CBD only). With all the facts presented to them, we hope this will fully occupy the medical cannabis resistant elder’s reasoning faculties, leaving no bandwidth for opposition.

You are free to move on to the next inroad of persuasion.

Show Them How Many Seniors Are Using Marijuana

Young people’s attitudes toward medical marijuana use are more positive than resistant elders who balk at a presumed stigma against medical cannabis treatment. But old people are just like young people in another way: both groups are susceptible to peer pressure.

When Grams and Gram Pa find out that as far back as 2018 people over age 50 made up more than 36 percent of patients on a typical (Colorado) state’s medical marijuana registry, the elder medical-marijuana skeptics may be seized by a fear of missing out (FOMO).

On the national scale, a 2019 Gallup poll determined that nearly one in five Americans over age 50 is a return consumer of some type of medical CBD product. It’s very easy to make the gentle, subtle and attitude-altering argument that the number of seniors turning to routine medical CBD treatments is rising. Does your elderly relative want to be known as the old fud who missed the boat when the number of Americans over age 50 using CBD products goes to two out of five?

Remember, Gram, how slow you were to sign up for Facebook and all your old friends were already there? Medical CBD will bring you all the satisfaction of FB, but without that nasty political polarization.

Show Them That CBD Is Doctor Approved

If your medical CBD resistant elder relative doesn’t trust you to tell them about the safe efficacy of medical cannabis treatments, perhaps the old skeptic will be open to a doctor’s opinion:

Dr Dragana Doran is a Leafwell physician and a geriatrician who has worked with elderly patients throughout her career. We asked her for some advice for how to speak with older people about cannabis.

“First, I would say don’t be ashamed and don’t be afraid. If you come to a doctor and ask for marijuana no one is going to judge you because those days are over.”

She continued by highlighting a number of medical conditions for which she has recommended medical marijuana to her patients in the past.

“We treat pain, inflammatory diseases, nausea, appetite, anxiety, depression, insomnia, some skin conditions, cancer patients and agitation in dementia patients.”

In addition, Dr Doran is passionate about using medical marijuana to reduce alcohol and opioid intake. She has seen incredible results in her older patients who have successfully stopped drinking and taking strong painkillers by using medical marijuana.

Download Your Guide to Medical Marijuana & Seniors.

Now is the time in your discussion with an elderly medical marijuana skeptic about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for seniors to make the next and final move: Set up an appointment with a cannabis-treatment friendly doctor.

You’ve done your duty. Medical cannabis products will do the rest.

Written by
Allan MacDonell
Allan MacDonell

Allan MacDonell’s work has been featured in publications ranging from Dazed and Confused UK to the New York Times and Washington Post. He is the author of Prisoner of X, Punk Elegies and Now That I Am Gone, and was a founding editorial director at online outlets including Buzznet, TakePart and Kindland. MacDonell views teaming with Leafwell as an opportunity to encourage the emerging role of legal cannabis as a highly effective medical treatment.

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