5 CBD Products for Hair Loss

Julia Granowicz
Julia Granowicz - Content Writer

Mar 05 2021 - 3 min read

When the uses for cannabidiol (CBD) seem endless, you might feel skeptical about considering it as an option in preventing hair loss. But there is evidence to show that CBD oil can be beneficial in hair care and could even prevent hair loss (alopecia). Cannabis and CBD products may also help treat hair loss or an itchy scalp associated with psoriasis.

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Can CBD Oil Help Reduce Hair Loss?

There are several different factors that can contribute to hair loss from stress to genetics and each has a unique solution. CBD oil is rich in fatty acids omega 3 and omega 4, which contribute to hair growth. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and Vitamin E as well as linoleic and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which are both essential fatty acids for healthy hair growth.

Though there haven’t been any studies on using CBD oil to regrow hair yet, a study on hemp seed oil, which is similar, showed positive results. Even if CBD hasn’t yet been proven to prevent or reduce hair loss, it still has other benefits for your hair. CBD and hemp shampoos and conditioners are often used in the cases of a dry or itchy scalp and to help hydrate dry hair.

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Using CBD May Reduce Stress Related Hair Loss

As mentioned earlier, not all causes of hair loss are the same. If your hair loss or a receding hairline is a genetic trait then it may be harder to prevent. However, if your hair loss is related to stress you are likely to see better results. This is because CBD oil can reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation, both of which encourage healthy hair growth.

1. Briogeo B.Well

This is a hair oil that uses a broad-spectrum CBD oil and organic arnica flower extracts, nutrient-rich hemp, jojoba and tamanu oils. The combination of CBD and essential oils is perfect for use on all hair types and textures. It can be combined with your usual shampoo, conditioner, or leave-in products. It can also be applied to your hair overnight, massaged into your scalp and rinsed in the morning.

Briogeo B. Well (Sephora) CBD + Arnica Skin & Scalp Oil
Briogeo B. Well (Sephora) CBD + Arnica Soothing Skin & Scalp Oil

2. Raincry Repair Rebuild Bond

A leave-in hair treatment, Raincry Repair Rebuild Bond contains CBD oil, lotus flower, and collagen peptides. The leave-in treatment works by bulking up the strands of hair so that they appear healthier with each use while protecting the hair from damage.

Raincry leave-in CBD hair treatment to repair and rebuild.
A lightweight leave-in hair treatment that contains collagen peptides, CBD oil and lotus flower. From Nordstrom.

3. Steam Active Botanicals Shampoo

Steam Active Botanicals is a cannabis-based shampoo that is meant to stimulate healthy hair growth and remove dirt and buildup without stripping the hair of its natural oils. The shampoo features cannabis, sage, horsetail, calendula, and ginseng to help strengthen and restore hair. It is also beneficial to anyone suffering from dry or itchy scalp and is used as any other shampoo would be when washing your hair.

Steam CBD hair shampoo.
A shampoo that contains Cannabis (CBD), Sage, Horsetail, Calendula and Ginseng. From Steam.

4. Fitish CBD Hair Plumping Serum 

This CBD hair plumping serum is dual purpose, meant to strengthen your hair and promote healthy hair growth. To promote growth, it features green tea and oleanolic acid, while CBD and aloe are meant to condition the scalp and provide volume both thickening the roots while softening your hair. This should be used on damp hair and can be applied more than once throughout the day. You should not rinse the serum out as it is meant to be left in your hair.

CBD hair plumping serum by Fitish.
CBD hair plumping serum containing aloe vera and green tea. By Fitish.

5. Gro+ Advanced Gummies (by Vegamour)

Unlike the other products on this list, which are topicals meant for use directly on your hair, Vegamour takes a different approach. The GRO+ Advanced Gummies are a vitamin that promotes healthy hair growth. Using a broad-spectrum hemp along with biotin, folic acid, zinc and other beneficial vitamins and minerals, the gummies are 100% vegan, have 20mg CBD per gummy and come in natural fruit flavors.

Gro Advanced Gummies with CBD and vitamins.
GRO+ Advanced Gummies – CBD and hair vitamins. By Vegamour.

Having a Medical Marijuana Card Means Access to Better Quality CBD

Now that hemp is legal in the United States hemp derived CBD products like those above are available commercially across the country. Of course, there are differences between CBD from hemp and CBD from medical marijuana plants. In most states, you need a medical marijuana card to access CBD products that are derived from cannabis rather than hemp plants. Leafwell can help you get a medical marijuana card in your state, so you can access the highest quality CBD oil products.

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Julia Granowicz
Julia Granowicz

Julia Granowicz-Johnson is a freelance writer from Florida with a passion for the cannabis industry. Since 2015 she's covered legalization news and educated medical marijuana patients, caregivers and their families through her work.

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