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Cannabis Gift Ideas for the Cannabis Users You Love

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This year has been a bad one for everyone. We’ve had to deal with a historic and currently surging global pandemic, millions of people around the world have lost their jobs, and businesses all over the world have been forced to temporarily close their doors for the sake of public health. It’s fair to say that 2020 has been an anxiety-provoking, stress-inducing, all-around bad time for most people.

Unfortunately, that stress doesn’t stop during the holiday season. While some might be gearing up to see their loved ones for the first time in months, you have the added stress of finding gifts for your loved ones while wanting to avoid crowded shopping malls!

According to Gallup, the average American spent nearly $1000 on gifts for their friends and families last year, and overall, Americans splashed roughly $729 billion during the holidays. This year, however, in the midst of an economic recession caused by COVID, 40 percent of American shoppers are planning to spend less than they did on gifts this year.

So what are you supposed to get for the cannabis lover you love? It’s understandable to not want to splash out on ultra-expensive smoking accessories and gifts this year but you have no idea how to tell which brands are worthy of their price.

Thankfully, we here at Leafwell have your back! When it comes to medical cannabis, we’re the go-to experts this holiday season. If you’re still looking for a top-notch gift for the medical cannabis patient in your life without breaking the bank, check out this list of handy suggestions perfect for anyone who appreciates their medicine!

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A Cool Grinder!

While a grinder might not seem like it’s actually that important for the cannabis users you love, grinders are actually a very important part of enjoying your medicine to its fullest. Grinding up those buds you get from the dispensary not only makes it quicker and easier to enjoy that cannabis, but it improves the consistency and potency of the cannabis itself.

Cannabis that’s broken up with a high-quality grinder can be packed tighter and more consistently into the glass piece, rolling paper or dry leaf vaporizer (more on these later!) you’re smoking from, which lengthen the life of cannabis while you’re using it. A slower, more consistent burn means you’ll be able to get the maximum benefits from every use, which is super essential for medical patients on a budget.

Grinding your dried cannabis buds also goes a long way to increasing the potency as well. Cannabis potency comes from the trichomes on the cannabis itself, those tiny, hair-like structures that make the buds frosted and shiny.

Those trichomes are delicate and, most importantly, are really sticky. If you break up your cannabis by hand instead of using a grinder, then you lose some of those precious trichomes to your fingers instead of smoking them. Basically, more trichomes staying off your hands = more potent cannabis.

We would recommend a simple two-part grinder like this one, but if you’re gifting to a real cannabis aficionado and lover of kief, grab a four-part grinder like this one instead.

Cannabis; marijuana; smoking equipment' grinder; stash bag; vaporizer.

A Quality Glass or Ceramic Bong!

For the cannabis users who think smoking joints or from glass pieces are a little too harsh or are worried about the impact of frequently smoking on their lungs, you should consider grabbing them a high-quality glass or ceramic bong!

While you’re still lighting and smoking cannabis when using a bong, the device itself does a good job of providing a slight filter between that smoke’s worst traits and your lungs. The water in the chamber of the bong serves as both a coolant for the smoke, producing smoother hits with less of the burning normally associated with smoking cannabis, but it also filters out some of the carcinogens and ash that joint or bowl smokers often deal with.

With bongs, however, it’s important to consider what they’re made of. Cheap, low-quality bongs are often made from plastic, which is a huge problem for smokers. Studies have shown that plastic products often contain BPA and phthalates, both of which are more likely to be released when that plastic is burned or heated during the smoking process. With glass or ceramic pieces, those issues don’t exist. As long as you clean the bong and switch out the water frequently, bongs are a great option for any cannabis users.

If you’re looking to gift the cannabis users you love a unique, useful, and often hand-made smoking accessory this holiday season, a high-quality glass or ceramic bong like these will do the trick!

A Reliable Vape!

For the medical cannabis patient looking to avoid smoking and focus on improving their overall health, we have a great idea for you. You should consider getting them a reliable, well-made dry leaf conduction vaporizer.

Science universally agrees that lighting up a substance and breathing in the smoke is no good for your lungs. Which, you know, duh. But, unlike other smokables like cigarettes, researchers have not seen a link between smoking cannabis and lung cancers.

On top of that, researchers also agree that the most harmful part of smoking cannabis is the smoke itself. With a convection vape, that smoke is no longer an issue. A convection vape works by only vaporizing, not burning, the content of the bowl itself. Because none of the cannabis itself is burned, there are no harmful byproducts like polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and carcinogenic toxins that pop up in the smoke.

On top of the lack of toxins, vaporizing your dry leaf cannabis optimizes the amount of THC and other cannabinoid compounds in your medicine. Studies have shown that vaporizing cannabis converts about 46 percent of the THC available in your cannabis into vapor, while the standard rolled joint only converts less than 25 percent. That means for the medical cannabis patient on a budget, smoking cannabis instead of vaping is literally like lighting money on fire.

When it comes to dry leaf vaporizers, we would recommend something like these!

Vape pen and cannabis concentrate

Discreet Stash Box

This one seems like common sense, right? If you have something important and of value, you should have somewhere reliable and consistent to store it. We think this is particularly true of medical cannabis supplies.

With that in mind, however, it’s not the 60s anymore. You shouldn’t be storing your medicine in an old shoebox or ziplock bag and just hoping for the best. The way you store your cannabis matters and there are some key facts to consider while doing so.

The keys to consider when thinking about a cannabis storage device is light exposure, temperature, and humidity. When it comes to direct light exposure, it’s best to expose your cannabis to as little direct, UV sunlight as possible. Studies have proven that light exposure is the biggest factor in cannabis degrading.

The ideal temperature is usually somewhere close to room temperature, preferably in a cool, dark, airtight place. Humidity matters to prevent mold and mildew growth, both of which can easily ruin your cannabis supply if you’re not careful. While it’s not an exact science, typically somewhere between 59 percent and 63 percent RH is the ideal humidity range you should be shooting for.

So for a quick recap, when looking for a stash box you’ll want to prioritize something that:

  • Is cool, dry, dark, and airtight
  • Isn’t made of cheap plastic or designed for cigars/cigarettes
  • Doesn’t get too cold to damage the fragile outer trichomes

So with that in mind, we recommend a box you can customize, that’s made specifically for storing cannabis and is built to last like from Cannador, for example.

A Medical Card of Their Own!

This year has been a horribly stressful one for everyone. The best thing you can do for the cannabis user you love is, if they haven’t already, get them to sign up for a medical cannabis card through us here at Leafwell!

After all, becoming a medical patient and getting a card of their own will go a long way to helping reduce the stresses and anxiety of daily life these days, as well as giving you access to a supply of clean, green cannabis medicine whenever they need it most!

They’ll be able to get a virtual consultation with one of our certified doctors in mere minutes and be on the way to getting their medical cannabis card in only a few minutes!

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