Diana FolletteDirector of Patient Success

Diana believes that for every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant that is a cure. As a cannabis professional and long time advocate, she seeks to not only eradicate the stigma that has plagued the power of cannabis, but also open the flood gates to more holistic treatments and fuel a societal transgression towards earth consciousness and natural living. A California native, backed with a decade of SaaS industry management experience, Diana proactively works to enhance the patient journey at Leafwell. She finds satisfaction in being part of a team, ingrained in the cannabis movement, that is setting a global precedence in customer care and education.

cannabis health wellness

Is all marijuana use medical? Could the stress-beating and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis make it a preventative medication? Read on for more.

medical marijuana doctor

It’s not easy to talk medical marijuana with your primary care doctor. Here are some tips on how to bring up the subject of medicinal MMJ. If you need to speak to a cannabis-friendly physician, speak to us at Leafwell!